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Why Can't I Stay Quit for Good?

Most products and services to help you quit nicotine offer a way to “start small’ through replacements, such as the nicotine patch or gum, sweets, celery sticks, exercise, or hypnosis – anything to escape feeling the great need for nicotine.  The theory is that once the urges “blow over” you will be free and won’t need your fix anymore. Yet, although attractive, these methods are simply new ways to get a quick fix. They are merely replacements. Wouldn’t you rather, learn how to restore yourself from your need for nicotine?  Which do you think is more lasting?


Replacement methods reinforce the search for relief from nicotine by either using it in another form or by substituting another substance in its place, but the behavior is the same.  There is no recovery in repeating the same relief seeking behavior.  Replacements eventually take you back to vaping or smoking because you are still reinforcing the original need for relief. You keep going back to smoking or vaping because you never learned how to deal with your need for nicotine.  You just were taught how to block it out, replace it in another form or substance, or run from it for a while. 


Addictions are all about getting relief, the relief from the negative experience of going without.  Let’s face it. You are a relief junkie for the nicotine that is in your e-cigarette or your smokes.  What’s more, you don’t know how abstain from your fix without feeling deprived, empty, irritable, and miserable, and God forbid, without gaining weight.  What to do?  Who to trust? 


Have you ever heard that you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it?  Lasting recovering from an addiction is about changing one’s behavior over time, not merely changing the external stimuli.  We change our behavior by learning how to change our thinking.  The biggest obstacle to lasting success is the way we think about ourselves, our need for nicotine and the conviction that the cure is worse than the problem. So quitting is an inside job, and for that we need guidance that we can trust.


Choose a Smokefree Life offers a revolutionary approach that turns your thinking about nicotine right side up, because right now the need for nicotine has your thinking upside down.  As an addict you see relief you get from nicotine as the solution to your problem, but the obsessive need to seek relief is your problem! 


The Choose a Smokefree Life Program teaches you how to adopt another way to view your need for nicotine.  I know you are convinced you need something to withstand going through withdrawal, but it is a survivable experience when you learn how not to fight it.  In fact, fighting it is what makes it worse!  At Choose a Smokefree Life we teach you how to walk though the experience so that your desire for nicotine gets reframed as being a good thing; not a bad thing to be avoided.  Getting free from nicotine is a matter of making friends with your desire for it, learning to accept it and hang out with it.  I know this sounds crazy and undoable, but when you learn to do this, your desire for nicotine loses its power. It diminishes and eventually goes away.  You are no longer enslaved by your urges as they have become your ticket to freedom.  This is the process you undergo in the five-day training.  We walk with you as you undergo this process every step of the way. 


If you want something that last’s a lifetime, then contact me to help you get free from nicotine and get ongoing, meaningful (and not time consuming) support by phone, email and online for ninety days from the day you stop.  Why so much support over time?  Because it takes that amount of time for the brain to reset from drug seeking to freedom seeking behavior.  This is the critical factor to achieving lasting success.


Have no confidence that you can do it?  Join the club!  I never thought it was possible for me to remain nicotine free either.  I was a 2 and ½ pack a day smoker who never thought I could stop for good as I tried to quit eight times, using those above erroneous methods, before I finally found the lasting key.  I now see my experience is merely an example of the nature of addiction. 


Our dependency on nicotine erodes our confidence because we know deep down, just how hooked we are!  Let me help restore hope in your own ability to make positive choices and to help you choose a smoke or vape free life.  If I can do it, so can you.  You too deserve a life of freedom!

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