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What is the Most Effective Platform to Quit Vaping or Smoking?

Most folks initially look for what I call the “quick fix” strategy for stopping smoking or vaping.  They come to realize they have a problem and that they can’t fix it on their own.  The most attractive solutions are those that are cheap and easy to purchase and don’t require much effort, and most attractive, they offer a way out from being uncomfortable while stopping.  The only problem is these methods, like the patch, gum, pills, or substitutions merely replace the need for nicotine with either nicotine in another form or another substance such as, caffeine, sugar, or salty substances, anything with a kick.  Unfortunately, replacements do not remove the need for nicotine, they just interfere with it.  So, more often than not, the nicotine addict returns to smoking or vaping, still seeking relief while rationalizing they will quit at some undefined time in the future.


What then is the most effective and lasting solution?  Science-based programs that inform smokers and vapers about the nature of their nicotine dependence and how to absorb their dependency are gaining trust and popularity as clients see themselves pursuing a winning strategy while avoiding the pitfalls. in addition, successful online and digital stop smoking and vaping programs provide structured and engaging daily trainings that support their followers. In addition, those online and digital programs must offer a combination of ongoing professional and group community support that promotes trust, accountability, and a platform of like-minded folks engaged in the process. Stopping is easy. Staying off is the challenge.


These online programs will require a commitment to the process of becoming nicotine free while at the same time, they will offer the convenience of private learning in one’s own environment. This affords the opportunity for clients to apply what is being learned on these online or digital programs, and the lessons can be revisited as needed. 


With these online and digital offerings clients undergo a mind shift where they recognize the folly of seeking immediate relief and learn effective ways to minimize their discomfort.  And, although each client is undergoing the process themselves, they are not doing it all by themselves because of the variety of one-on-one support available to them. They become part of a community, learning with and from each other.  Laughter and levity become a vital and attractive part of the process. and offer such programs. Both address the fundamental issue of nicotine dependence and can offer the level of support needed to match each clients’ lifestyles.  In this 5-day training clients learn about their problem and engage in a process the frees them from their dependency once and for all.  Science-based exercises, guided imagery, personalized motivation techniques, step-by-step instructions and centering techniques serve to guide the process. It works! 


This effective method is medically, and celebrity endorsed, and offers a money back guarantee. Book a free, half hour consultation online or call 512-758-1910. 

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