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Please, Help Me Quit Vaping.

Updated: Jan 26

This is the sentence that can help the addicted vaper save their own life with support from programs like mine. As a vaping addict, we have lost the ability to control our vaping, and consequently, due to so many failed attempts at stopping on our own, we conclude that it is too difficult and therefore a hopeless endeavor. With the vaping addiction we are powerless, like with any other addictive substance. And since we have failed miserably at stopping and staying off, we do not know who to ask the question with sincerity, “Please, help me quit vaping.”

Who do we trust help us get over our vaping addiction? Because we have looked to health organizations and hospitals for help, we assume they have the answer. And yet, the success rate of most of the products, programs, and tips is around 30% after the first month. So, are we going to keep asking the hospitals and health organizations, “please help me quit vapinging” when we already know the likelihood of our long-term success? Let me explain why “please help me quit vaping” in most cases is misplaced.

Most programs and products are offering replacements for the vaping addiction. Indeed, vaping was supposed to be the gateway to quit smoking. But vaping merely offers the same dopamine rush to the brain through vaping that it did with the first puff from a cigarette. The theory is that by replacing the need for nicotine with another substance or habit, the urges will blow over and the vaping addiction will be gone. Did you know that the most popular brands of e-cigarettes deliver even more nicotine in one hit than that from a cigarette? So, here is the relevant question: How will the vaper get free from the need for nicotine by replacing it with another substance or behavior? Will you need to run around the block every time you have an urge for a hit? That’s the main reason people gain weight. They replace the need for nicotine with food. Over time, the person who turned to food as a replacement returns to smoking to lose weight! You end up a fat vaper…

So, the question, “please help me quit vaping” should extend with “and help me not transfer my vaping addiction and gain weight!” That is exactly what Choose a Vapefree Life offers. We do not offer methods that merely transfer the vaping addiction to another substance addiction. We do not teach you to run from your urges because we know that what we resist, persists! Rather, we help inform and empower you about your own vaping addiction so that you will learn how to get out of your own way with a positive mindset and practical tools that, if followed, will guarantee your success. Too good to be true? We boast of a better than 80% success rate because we have answered the call, “please help me quit vaping.”

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