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  Choose a Vapefree Life Now℠

A Revolutionary Way to Break Free from Nicotine Dependence
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Choose a Vape-Free Life: Quit Vaping With Our Support


You Need Science, Not Magic

Break away from enslavement to nicotine addiction and say hello to a renewed sense of freedom, well-being, and victory! This online stop vaping program It’s not some promise of a magical way to wish vaping away – this is a science-based solution to break your vaping habit in just five days!

A Solution for You

A Solution for You

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Try Our No-Risk Courses Today!

Our medically and celebrity-endorsed video program is competitively priced and risk-free. We offer a money-back guarantee on both our video courses and live Zoom courses. Our team will follow up by phone to see how you’re doing, and we offer both email and private support groups for 90 days (the length of time it takes the brain to create new behavioral pathways).


A Lasting Solution That Empowers You to Restore Your Ability to Choose

We meet clients every day who have tried and failed to kick the vaping habit. They’ve used every drug, replacement, and willpower method out there. The weight gain, the misery, and the eventual return to vaping make the battle seem hopeless. But this online vape consulting program will help you unlock your mind’s ability to create new behavior patterns.


Get the Immediate and Long-Term Support You Need

The first phase (Stage 1) of our online stop vaping program involves a five-day video course or live Zoom course. By the third day, you will have the tools you need to choose a vape-free life, and by the end of the fifth day most of the nicotine will be out of your system. But science tells us that the first 90 days are crucial to rewiring the brain for adopting new behavior patterns. That’s why the second phase (Stage 2) of our program offers our Follow-Up online consulting program to give you the support you need.

Carol Willard

Carol Williard, Founder

Choose a Vapefree Life Now!

Why use our program?

Science-backed methods with step-by-step concrete directions

Five days to becoming nicotine free, either live on Zoom or an

online Video Program

Money-back guarantee

Medically and celebrity endorsed

Better than 80% success rate


Get the FREE Foundational Video to See 
How the Choose a Vapefree Life Now Approach Works!

Download it today to get started.

Hear from Some of Our Successful Clients

"Carol Williard saved my life. I have been cigarette free because of her strength, knowledge and warmth."

Henry Winkler

"I am pleased to say that through the help of Carol Williard and her program for stopping smoking I have not had a cigarette since the 21 st of January, 1991."

Ringo Starr

"Stopping smoking with Carol was a life changing event for me. I smoked my last cigarette before The Flamingo Kid started and almost immediately, I began to feel physically and emotionally better. Thank you for not letting my life go up in smoke! I love you forever and wish you and your family only “Happy Days”.

Garry Marshall

"She makes the impossible possible!"

Gladys Paunzen, National Medical Enterpriseses

"…an asset to any place of business in recovery.”

Lloyd Hyndman, M.D., Medical Director, Saint Joseph Medical Center

"I know Carol Williard to be an effective stop smoking counselor as she helped my wife to successfully stop smoking. As her teacher at UCLA in Individual and Group Counseling Skills, I feel she has a genuine talent and enthusiasm for this line of work.  I would recommend her services to those who need to stop smoking.”

James Conway, Program Director Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency Service, Saint Joseph Medical Center

Don’t wait any longer to start your
Vapefree Life Now!


Get In Touch Today

If you have questions, get in touch today to learn how this revolutionary method of ending a nicotine habit can change your life for the better! You can call 512.758.1910 or book a free half-hour consultation right here on the website. 

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